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Leg Waxing - Waxing Services
At our salon, we offer Waxing Services for both Men and Women those looking for smooth, and hair-free skin at very Affordable Prices. We are dedicated to providing the best waxing services for our clients.  Our technicians use a gentle wax formula to remove hair from the roots, leaving you with silky, smooth, and hair-free skin for up to several weeks. Our skilled and experienced technicians use the latest techniques and products to ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective experience.Our Waxing Services includes:

1. Underarm Waxing

Under arm waxing services in pokhara

Removing hair from the underarms to leave the skin silky, smooth, and hair-free for several weeks. Our staffs are highly skilled and knowledgeable and use only top-notch wax for a comfortable and efficient hair removal process.

2. Full Arm Waxing

Full arm waxing services

Our full arm waxing service removes hair from the entire arm, including the elbow and wrist to your shoulder,  leaving you with silky smooth arms.

3. Full Leg Waxing

Our full leg waxing service removes hair from the entire leg, including the knee and ankle to your hip, leaving you with silky smooth legs.

4. Half-arm Waxing

Half arm waxing services in Pokhara

If you’re looking for a more focused waxing service, our half-arm waxing is perfect for you. Our Half-arm Waxing Service removes hair from either the upper or lower arm. You can choose to have either your upper or lower arm waxed for a smooth and hair-free result.

5. Half-leg Waxing

Half leg waxing services

Our half-leg waxing service is perfect for those who want a more focused waxing experience. Our Half-Leg Waxing Service removes the hair from either the upper or lower lag. You can choose to have either your upper or lower leg waxed for a smooth and hair-free result.

6. Full Face Waxing

Full face waxing services

Our full face waxing service removes hair from the entire face, including the upper lip, chin, cheeks, and forehead leaving you with a smooth and hair-free face.

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The sensation of pain and discomfort caused by waxing differs from one person to another as hair in the body gets pulled from the roots. You start getting used to the pain after waxing your hair timely.

Before waxing do not put lotion, cream, and make sure your skin is clean and dry. After waxing avoid sun exposure, wear loose clothes, and do not take a hot shower.

Waxing gives long-lasting results as compared to shaving and using hair-removal creams as in this process hair is extracted from the roots. Waxing helps to exfoliate the skin giving it a smooth and soft appearance. It also reduces the re-growth time of the body hair.

Waxing provides longer-lasting results compared to shaving. The waxing result lasts between 2-6 weeks on average. Moreover, it mostly depends on your natural hair growth cycle.

People with sensitive skin can wax their body parts when they do not have any skin breakouts and irritation. Before waxing consult with beauty professionals as they help to choose wax suitable for your skin type. For waxing consultations feel free to contact and visit Blonde Me Salon.