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Bridal makeup

Beautiful Bride - Bridal Makeup Look

The wedding day is one of the most celebrated and special days in a woman’s life. It marks the beginning of a lifelong journey bringing joy, honor, and a sense of fulfillment and responsibility. Bridal Makeup helps women boost their self-confidence and get radiant long-lasting looks throughout the wedding day.

Blonde Me Salon bridal makeup services are designed to enhance the bride’s natural features ensuring she looks glamorous and is camera-ready all the time at a very affordable price. Our makeup artists provide you with the perfect makeup look which blends with traditional accessories, and vibrant color gracefully.

Whether you prefer a classic or heavy look, our makeup artists will help you get the desired flawless look on your special day. 

Full Bridal Package

  1. Engagement Make-up Look
  2. Manicure & Pedicure
  3. Facial & Clean-Up
  4. Gel Polish
  5. Waxing
  6. Wedding Day Make-Up Look

Wedding Day Make-Up

Wedding Day Make-Up is a special beauty service offered by our salon to help brides look their best on their wedding day. This includes a conversation with our professional make-up artist to figure out the bride’s desired look, followed by a make-up application that is customized to the bride’s skin tone, face, and personal style.

Our wedding day makeup includes flawless foundation, subtle blush, bold eyeliner, eyeshadow, and beautifully defined eyebrows with vibrant and rich lipstick. The make-up is long-lasting showcasing the bride’s elegance and grace, so the bride will look beautiful all day.

We offer Wedding Day Make-up Look that Includes the following services for brides who come from different cultural and religious backgrounds:

1. Hindu Bridal Makeup Look

Hindu Bridal Makeup

In the Hindu bridal makeup look, makeup artists will provide you with stunning makeup which beautifully blends with traditional outfits, elements, and jewelry.

This makeup typically includes bright and red lip colors, a flawless base, bold eyeliner, and eyeshadow with a tint of highlight on the cheeks.

2. Cultural Bridal Makeup Look

Cultural bridal makeup involves brides belonging to all cultures and communities getting dolled up with vibrant and colorful makeup.

This makeup includes deep red lip color, brides hair decorated with traditional accessories and flowers, and bright eyeshadow. The makeup focuses on signifying the culture and beauty of the bride parallelly.

3. Christian Bridal Makeup Look

In Christian bridal makeup, we provide you with a radiant and classic look enhancing your natural appearance. The makeup includes a perfect base, subtle lip color, soft eyeshadow, and well-defined eyebrows that perfectly blend with your wedding dress.

Blonde Me Salon provides you with the following additional services to get you glammed up before and after your wedding day:

1. Engagement Makeup Look

Engagement Makeup Look

In the engagement makeup look, our makeup artists will focus on giving you a soft glamorous look. It includes embracing your natural features with a glowing base and flawless complexion, soft eyeshadow, subtle blush, precise eyebrow, bold eyeliner, and lip color that blends with your skin tone.

2. Pre-wedding Makeup Look

Haldi and Mehendi Makeup Look

Our pre-wedding makeup look includes services for your haldi and mehendi day giving you a vibrant appearance. The makeup service includes applying  a lightweight foundation, tinted lip balm, a pop of rosy blush on cheeks, enhancing your eyes with subtle eye makeup, and a touch of mascara.

3. Post-wedding (Reception Makeup Look)

Reception Makeup Look

In the reception makeup look, we will give you picture-ready makeup lasting throughout the day. This makeup service includes a full-coverage foundation and concealer, false lashes, bold lip color, full eye makeup, a touch of shiny highlight, and a face contour that complements your outfit.

4. Manicure and Pedicure

Our manicure and pedicure services include beauty treatments for grooming, shaping nails, moisturizing, and exfoliating your skin giving it a polished and clean look for your wedding day. Getting a manicure and pedicure is very important for brides as it boosts confidence and gives you a smooth look while taking pictures.

5. Waxing

In waxing services, the hair is removed from the roots in areas like arms, legs, and underarms giving longer-lasting results. Waxing provides the brides with smooth and hair-free skin giving them a flawless and radiant look. It boosts the bride’s confidence and enhances their appearance. 

6. Facial and cleanup

Facial and Cleanup Services

Our facial and cleanup services cleanse, exfoliate, remove impurities, and nourishes the skin giving brides a healthy and clean look. Opting for facials and cleanup is very important for the brides as the process helps to prepare and settle the skin for the series of wedding-day makeup for a flawless finish.

Book your bridal makeup appointment today and let us help you create a beautiful and timeless look for your big day.


Bridal makeup is often found to be costly as compared to other types of makeup as it includes makeup done by highly skilled makeup artists, high-quality products, and specialized techniques.

The complexity of the makeup look you prefer and esthetician techniques determine the duration of your bridal makeup. On average, bridal makeup takes more than 2 hours.

It is recommended to book your bridal makeup at least 3-4 months as during the wedding season it is very difficult to get your favorite makeup artist’s appointment due to the hustle. Do contact and visit Blonde Me Salon to get you dolled up for your big day!

Before going for your bridal makeup you should avoid using harsh chemical products on your skin. It will be best to have a clean and hydrated face.

The current popular bridal makeup trend in Nepal includes enhancing your natural features with well-shaped eyebrows, eyeliner, and bold red lips with floral touch on hair that blends beautifully with traditional ornaments.